Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Lesson in Life

I met a man once, hair whiter than white and solemn visage
Every line on his face etched with a trace of burdened life
But with a gentle demeanor and wizened eyes
He beckoned me forward with a wave of his hand
Wherein the map of his tormented life was outlined
And as I came he said,

"Doey-eyed girl, whither you wander?
With the look of the stars in enthrallment of wonder
I can see as you walk you've troubles evaded
But if an old man's words will cause you no harm,
If you'll grace me with time, I'll impart what I've learned:

Hope in love and trust in God
Give selfless to others when they've done you wrong
Love unconditionally, expect no apology
Chase your dreams and keep your conscience free
And if life gives you a crossroad then walk the unknown
With a heart of glass set in armor of steel
Let yourself weep for others and defend the helpless
Carry the burden of another's trust, walk away when you must
And always remember no matter the danger
Hold true to yourself, decide who you are and never let it go."

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