Monday, December 2, 2013

If only all days were like this one... ❤

What a day.
Really, what a day.
And I mean that in the best way possible!

 It all started when I met with one of my students from my "granny" class this morning (It's technically my day off), which ultimately resulted in me getting an adopted Japanese grandma who wants to take me to cool places and make me awesome food!

I teach a special class twice a month for elderly women, the majority of whom have been studying English for decades. Most of them speak the language almost flawlessly, but there's one particular student who's a little behind the rest. She's an incredibly busy woman, but is so determined to study English, no matter how difficult it is for her. Even in class, surrounded by speakers who possess much more vocabulary and knowledge of the language structure than she does, she always does her best to communicate and explain things as best she can. She's adorable.

 Because of my contract, I couldn't accept her offer of payment because it was technically outside of work. However, she began telling me about her trips to places around Japan, and said she would love to take me to some places in Hiroshima sometime. I was ecstatic! Most of my friends work at nights or simply prefer nightlife to day-time, so I often end up exploring the day time world on my own. I enjoy bar hopping with my friends, of course, but I also love nature and taking long walks in back streets or new areas in the city. All the same, it gets a little lonely at times. I told my student that I would LOVE to accompany her, to which she seemed shocked. When I had reassured her that I was serious, she immediately began planning places we could go--some as far as Kyushu--on day trips. As it turns out, she often travels to such places alone, as well, and was just as excited for the company as I was. It was perfect! We have yet to make a definite first location to visit, but I'm absolutely looking forward to it! It was a perfect start to a wonderful day!

 Once our meeting ended, I had a photo shoot with the agency for my "official profile" (←weird !)
I was SO nervous at first. I've only ever modeled once, and that was for a friend--to be doing a full-out, in-studio, professional photo shoot for my own modeling profile just seemed like something out of my daydreams; something unreal and unattainable in so many ways. But it WAS real and it apparently went really, REALLY well. The photographer gave me a few directions, but almost every shot he would say really encouraging things about the shots he took. When we had finished (I changed clothing three times), he told me I had "nailed the shoot perfectly" and told me I was really good. While I don't believe him, it was still so relieving to hear.  I want to do well in this more than anything; after hearing that, I ended up smiling like a giddy moron to myself all the way home. xD

But, more than just give me an undeserved compliment, my agent also took the time to invite me to a work party this month AND offer to invite me the next time any of the staff or models went for lunch. I know he didn't have to, and just the fact that he did made the whole experience even more encouraging for me. It was the best feeling!

A crappy powder-room picture of one of the coordinates I used in today's shoot~♪

After returning home, I decided that all the excitement gave me enough energy for one of my "extended walks." On my days off, I often tend to walk for a few hours to get some fresh air and try and find places in the city I haven't been to before, but for the past month or so it's been way too cold for me. However, today ended up being much warmer than it has been lately, and I also got a lovely winter coat to keep me extra warm. So I headed out, blissfully unaware of what FURTHER excitement lay ahead of me.

On a whim, I decided to go to Aeon Mall. It was a good walk away, and I wanted to pick up a cookbook and a fashion magazine or two. I walked around the mall for a bit before heading towards the bookstore. On my way to the bookstore, however, I noticed a crowd gathering in a large opening in the mall. There was a stage, and someone was obviously holding a concert. But it wasn't just any local was DAIGO.

DAIGO from DAIGO(freaking)STARDUST was prancing around a makeshift stage in full-out butterfly wings. No exaggeration at all, he was a fricking butterfly in the middle of a random mall in Hiroshima--and it wasn't even in the city center. I don't even know how I keep managing to find all these celebrities in such a rural place like Hiroshima, but needless to say I love my instincts. (So far I've run into MiA from Mejibray TWICE on the street by total accident, and I also stood next to Terry-san, the most stylish Tokyo grandpa/talent you'll ever see in your life, in Starbucks).

I REALLY wanted to take pictures of him, but unfortunately they had cops on every level patrolling for cellphone users. One even followed me up to the top floor to make sure I wasn't going to use mine because I was texting my friend at the time (you could see Daigo from the top floors because there was a circular opening from which you could see all the way down to the ground floor).

Since I couldn't take pictures, here's a PV clip for the single he was performing, so you can at least see what I'm talking about when I say he turned into a butterfly:

And, no, that's not CG. He literally wore those exact ginormous wings in the show. I'm pretty sure they're bigger than I am...

SO YES. I'm so sorry if I come off sounding vain or braggy in this post--I typically try to avoid writing daily posts because I always feel like I'm self-promoting or something when I do....but so much awesome stuff has happened this weekend that I felt like sharing... Forgive me? T_T

Anyway, I love you all <333

Sweet dreams or good morning, wherever you are the in world!
After a day like this, I am so ready for bed. ;)


  1. Glad to hear that your Japan life is going so well!! Sounds like so much fun >w<
    Good luck with your modelling too! You're gorgeous so I'm sure you'll be off to Tokyo in no time! ^o^)/

    1. You're so sweet, honey! Thank you! <333
      I hope I can make it to Osaka soon! I'd love to see you~!!

  2. So jealous of all the awesome things that are happening for you!! So happy for you though! Good luck with modelling!

    1. Aww, sweetie I'm sure life has Amazzzzzzzzing things in store for you, too!! Are you still planning to move to JP~?? :D <333

  3. Not vain or braggy at all! It's everybody's right to write about the cool things that happen in their life. :3 (Though I should probably take a page out of my own book because I haven't written about half the stuff that's happened to me in the past two years XD)

    Awesome re the modeling stuff though! You're super photogenic so I think you'll do wonderfully. Also massively loling over Daigo prancing around in butterfly wings. If anyone could pull it off it's definitely him XD

    1. Haha~ well considering it sounds like you have one of the coolest jobs EVER it would be super awesome to hear more about it~! ;D
      But it sounds like we're kinda the same...for some reason I find it so hard to right about daily happenings in my life XD

      Hahaha! Ohhh man....even in person....all the prancinggg xDDD <3

  4. Babe I've missed you tons! So glad that you are updating this still! Hugs!

    1. Hey beautiful!! Awwww I missed you tooooo! <3 <3 <3
      Wish you were here~~ ;) <3