Friday, November 29, 2013

Days Worth Remembering

Hello again, World!

Yes,. it's been a while. But it's only natural of me to write a delayed post, right? I wouldn't want to disappoint your expectations!

Aside from the job picking up and being incredibly busy, I've certainly experienced some exciting things the past few months--the past few weeks, rather! In early August I was scouted for hair modeling, in a two-part process. This month, because I FINALLY got a phone, I was able to arrange an appointment and get my hair cut. It's so much shorter now! Definitely a shock, but I'm getting used to it :)

Here's a picture of the before and after:

Tomorrow I'll go back for the color. I have nooo idea what the stylist has in mind, but I'm excited all the same~ I've also got some even MORE exciting news!!! I FINALLY AM ON TRACK TO FULFILL MY SECRET DREAM! For years I've had a private ambition to model in Japan. I love modeling, even though I know I have so many areas to improve. I only ever told a few people because there was something about it that just seemed so far-fetched for me. I'm not tall, I'm "normal-people-thin" but certainly not model-thin. I love fashion and everything that goes along with it, but I've never been exceptionally good at any aspect of it. I try to improve all the time, but sometimes it just seems too out of my reach. But. BUT. Last week on my break, a local photographer asked me to model for him. I wasn't particularly impressed with myself upon receiving copies of the shots, but wrote about my excitement at the chance on anyway. My LINE friend, who is also a scout, SAW this silly post and immediately arranged an interview for me at a local modeling and talent agency! As of Monday, I'll have an official profile made and photoshoot done! I know it's not really a big deal, considering how easy it is for visa-holding foreigners to get modeling jobs here, but to me it's the most exciting thing that could happen. Even if it is just a side job, even if nothing big ever comes from it, I'm still taking the baby steps towards a bigger picture all the same. It's overwhelming!! I guess, even if you think it's impossible, it's always worth it to keep chasing what you want, right? Do any of you have a secret dream you're working towards~?? :)


  1. I'm so glad you're going to be modeling! Just be safe and don't go to the shady areas alone! You're gonna look so beautiful. If you can, post pictures!

    1. Why are you so sweeeeeeeet~??? ;3;
      Thank you so much, darling! If I can, I'll post the pictures when I get them~ ;3

  2. Wow that's awesome!! Good luck to you!!! I have many dreams that I want to achieve but I feel like it's not the right time x) Anyways i'm really happy for you! The baby steps are the steps that will get you to your dream~!!

    1. Thanks so much, honey!!

      Timing is always very important, but I definitely agree with you--it starts with baby steps!! I really hope everything works out for you to reach your dreams~!! ^0^/ <3