Sunday, September 8, 2013

June Photoshoot with Josh♪

Hey ya'll! How has everyone been lately? :)

I will do a real Japan post soon, but for now I thought I should do some catch up! I still have soooo many pictures of Seattle, Florida and China to post, not to mention all the pictures I've taken since moving to Japan! My goodness, it's crazy to think of how much has happened this year.
It's still busy here, but I hope to do some back-posts soon ;)

Before I left Seattle, my friend Josh invited me to model. We've been meaning to do a shoot for a loooong, long time, but at least we finally managed to get it done before I left! He's an incredible photographer and a really relaxed guy with a big passion for photography and even more talent to boot! You can see more photos from the shoot and read his overly-kind introduction on his blog. Be sure to check out his other photography, too! He has some INCREDIBLE pieces in his portfolio with models much more talented than me--so worth the look! :)


I was also scouted for hair modeling this month while taking a walk--it's yet to be seen if everything will work out, but I'm hoping for the best! I'll definitely use some of Josh's many pointers and tips if it doesn't fall through ;)

Well, that's it for now! Hopefully I'll post again soon--have a fabulous week, everyone!


  1. Ahh!! So gorgeous! :D
    Good luck with your modelling gig too! >w<)

    1. D'awww! I got nothin' on you, Darlin' ;) <3

      Thanks sooo much! <333