Thursday, May 2, 2013

Visual Barbie: Coordinate #1 ♡

Hey guys! How's everyone's day going so far?? :)

As I mentioned recently on my Seiso Hime blog, I recently came back from China. I had so many incredible experiences that I'm hoping to write about soon, but the problem is that there's a particular aspect of my life that my trip to China unexpectedly influenced. It's an aspect that's been stealing most of my other-than-people attention lately: my fashion!

Actually, decisions made in China influenced all kinds of changes in me pertaining to who I want to be as a person, but one of the most outwardly visible things is my style. Big decisions I made there really impacted me to go back to my roots and pursue my own identity again, creating my own style like I used to. As a result, my fashions will seem to defy almost everything I wrote about in my Seiso Hime blog, which is about dainty mainstream fashions. However, it seems as though the Seiso Hime blog has helped a few girls out, so I don't want to shut it down completely. Instead, I've decided to open this blog to explore more bold fashion experiments of my own mixed with the music that's inspired me so much all these years. Hopefully ill be able to update Seiso Hime every now and again, too, for the readers there ;)

But without further ado, I give you the first coordinate post here on Visual Barbie! ♡

I'd love any comments or criticism you have to offer, so don't be shy ;)
Just please be specific in your criticisms so I know how to improve (^∇^)

Almost all items were purchased from nameless bargain vendors in Hong Kong and Xiamen.

Earrings & Necklace: Forever21
Shoes: Journeys

Have a beautiful day everyone~ ♡

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