Friday, May 10, 2013

Today's Makeup~!

This is a totally lame copy-half-attempted-translate-paste from my Japanese blog and I'm sorry! 

Tomorrow I have to get up bright and early, which is looking more and more daunting as none of my usual sleep-inducing methods are working ;_;
(Though, as you can tell from the horribly constructed grammar, my brain is still trying to convince itself it can operate. Lies.)

But the good news is--I'm getting up early for GRADUATION!!!!!! AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooo ready to be done with college, as wonderful as many of my experiences and acquaintances were *___*
Freedom has never seemed so beautiful~

Okay, enough about that--if the title interested you at all, it certainly wasn't to listen to my incoherent ramblings xD
Instead, here is a bland picture of my face, as promised. :3

Today's makeup was Nana inspired ★
Not adorable eyeshadow-everywhere-Nana, but just basic, everyday Nana ♪
(The lips are more rosy in real life, but whatevs. Bathroom lighting, yeah!)

Picture found randomly on the internet.
story of my life.

Really, I am almost so sorry for the sarcasm tonight! Overdoses of reading have exhausted my brain cells for the evening. I'm in....*a mood.*

Which means internet dabbling has grown dangerous and I need to find a way to fall asleep quickly so no further mental assault will needlessly take place on your poor soul. m(_ _ ;)m

With that, I bid you good night (or morning, whatever it is when you read this)~ 

Sweet dreams, you beautiful creatures, you!


  1. you look pretty as always my dear :)

    1. Awwww~ you're so sweet! Thank you, honey~! ♡♡♡