Saturday, August 31, 2013

HIROSHIMA: The Introductory Puricura Post

Because this is Japan,
 and awkwardly sneaking Puricura ("Print Club") throughout every post is what we do ;)
❤ Hey Guys and Gals ❤
It is now time for another round of Guess When the Next Sporadic Post will be! Any bets? Haha!
Seriously, sorry for failing at timely posts ;)
I figured I should post a little debrief about my time in Hiroshima so far, since I've contributed absolutely nothing to the topic since first announcing that I moved here! 
I started work mid-July in the heart of the city, and have been loving my life here ever since I arrived. The city is certainly much smaller than places like Tokyo or Osaka, but it has a very relaxed environment and the people are incredibly kind and fun to be around. The city itself is beautiful--green rolling mountains, a beautiful bay, and colorful neon lights at night all contribute to the unique atmosphere of the place. In many respects, it reminds me of Seattle. :)

Work has also been fun! I enjoy working with my students, and I have the most adorable co-teacher/roommate/buddy in the universe to share all experiences with! It's startling how well we get along. We have all the same interests, but just enough variation in taste that we never feel like we have to compete. For example, we both love Japanese fashion--but whereas I tend to go for elegant, glamorous styles, Rai rocks the cutesy pop look. Our personalities also click perfectly, even though we're almost polar opposites in that respect. When we had only known each other for two days, everyone we met thought we had been friends for years. Getting along with her was by far my biggest concern before moving here, but now that we've met it's sincerely the most effortless thing in the world to adore her. xD

Also, Hiroshima boys are weirder than either Lie or I can figure out how to deal with, but that is a long, long story (rather a series of novels) that may or may not ever be told xD
All in all, life here has been phenomenal so far. Now that things are starting to settle down here and there, it's been nice having moments to appreciate where I am and all the incredible experiences I've had so far <3
I don't know how often I'll have time for diary-like posts, but I'll do my best! In the mean time, I'll try to post outfit pics and at least weekly one-picture posts of things in the city--starting tonight! ;)
Thank you all so much for your patience in dealing with my lame, sporadic posts! 
I hope I can manage my time better and make it up to you someday ;)


  1. Yay for purikura! I am glad you are enjoying Hiroshima :]

    1. Yes! I wish there was more of this stuff in the world! Haha~ Thanks sweetie! It sounds like you've been having some pretty interesting adventures in Japan yourself~! ;D

  2. AHHHH you are so stunning Hana!! I love your fashion style, and all the purikura pics! Jeez, people must think that you are a famous American actress over there! So glad you're enjoying Hiroshima! (I can't wait for when I can awkwardly sneak purikura pictures into all my posts too, haha!)

    1. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO BE SO SWEET?! Seriously, every time I read your comments it makes me want to hug my monitor as if it were you. SO SWEET. <3 So when are you cominnnnng?? I want to see all your gorgeous awkwardly snuck-in puricura! xD

  3. Lovely purikura!! ^o^)/ you look like you're doing well!! that's great :) I have a friend working near Hiroshima, and he loves it there!

    Post moooore!! I miss your fashionableness :3

    1. Thank you sweetie~!! I am!! Surviving with some adventures on the side~! haha~ Awww, I miss yours tooooo~! You're always dressed so phenomenally~ I love it!